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Simon is awarded the Premio Aster to its corporate history

Barcelona, November 30th 2016 – SIMON, the leading manufacturer of electrical equipment in Spain as well as a creator of technology solutions for domestic and professional environment, has been awarded the Premio Aster de Trayectoria Empresarial Grandes Empresas from ESIC business school, as a recognition to its corporate history.

Lluís Simon, former President at SIMON Holding, collected the award at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, and explained: ‘SIMON is the perfect example of a family business that, in a country having few natural resources, has built our economy’s grounds and foundation.’ During his speech, he remembered the company’s origins, which started as a small family workshop and became an international holding, while he also highlighted the great contribution of its founders and employees throughout a hundred years of history. Mr. Simon also wanted to appreciate ESIC’s role in training future professionals for companies.

ESIC has hold the Premios Aster for thirty-four years anually as a recognition to the merits of individuals and entities for their professional activity with the aim of boosting integration between academic education and business life. The Jury of the Premios Aster is made of relevant figures of the business and academic world.

In this special year during which SIMON has celebrated its centenary, the company has been recognised with several awards such as the Premios Nacionales Diseño 2016 in the ‘Empresas’ category which is awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competiveness, the Premios Fuera de Serie Diseño e Innovación and the Premio a Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial 2015 from El Periódico de Catalunya.


SIMON is the head of an industrial group that emerged from a family-owned workshop in Olot (Spain) 100 years ago. It has grown thanks to the efforts and the tenacity of thousands of people to its present position: leading company in the Spanish market with a strong position in the world market for low-voltage electrical materials. Its product portfolio ranges from collections of mechanisms, remote control and point-to-point remote consumption measurements, control systems, lighting and recharging of electric vehicles. The SIMON Group has more than 3,800 employees worldwide, its own business is in 18 countries, 10 of them with their own production factories, SIMON international presence is in 93 countries and its turnover is of 304 M€.

SIMON offers users the possibility to create spaces and atmospheres that can be touched, seen, heard and felt. Unique sensations at your fingertips. Simon Light Up Emotions.

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