www.desiretoinspire.net_Your house should reflect your personality. I don’t think all of you agree with this line because your house speaks something else! May be it is old and dull which is obviously not a part of your personality. So why don’t you redefine it yourself? Why don’t you just recreate the interiors of your house? I agree that not all the houses are spacious but who told you that interior designing is not for small rooms and houses? So let’s begin our article by discussing the ways in which you can interior design your small yet beautiful home.

Our homes may be not so spacious but we can make it look like that. All we have to do is make a strategy and work according to that. So get out of your dull and boring room and transform it into a new one. It’s your home so why not you redesign it?

There are few points to keep in mind mentioned below:

  1. Always remember, less is more: While designing your home you must remember that in order to make your room look spacious you have to remove the extra unwanted stuff. Why fill the room with the things you don’t want? For an instance, you can remove plenty of chairs and place a big sofa in its place. It will consume fewer places and will accommodate more number of people. There are many designs of sofa. Gone are the days when there was only 3 or 4 seated sofa, now there are 6 and 8 seated too. Search online or go to stores and you’ll find your desirable thing. Remember, the goal is to make the room look spacious. It will give it an elegant as well as peaceful look.
  1. Color schemes: Now if you’re designing your room then it would be incomplete without any new color scheme. There are many color schemes like neutral, monochrome, nature inspired etc. All you need to know is the color which will perfectly be suitable for your room. As I always mention, there must be a very vast knowledge of color schemes and lots and lots of research work too. Here’s a tip: choose the colors in accordance with window curtains and electrical modular switches in India. There are many types of electrical switches for home which can go with the color and will give it a fabulous look too. So who’s stopping you? Go and start selecting your color scheme now!!
  1. Flooring: In flooring you’ve options like tiling, wooden flooring, using carpets or rugs etc. You can use either of this by keeping one thing in mind that the flooring must go with the wall colors and design. The carpets must be soft and comfortable as well as look good with the interiors. There are wall to wall carpets which give elegant look to your house. My suggestion is that you can go for wooden flooring. It is simple yet beautiful and a plus point here is that it will go with the wall colors and designs.
  1. Proper lighting: It is the most important aspect of a house. Will you be able to sit in a dark room all the day? Will it look hostile to welcome your guests in a room full of darkness? Obviously, it’s a big NO! Hence proper lighting is important. There is much kind of lights, out there in the market of different designs. To compliment these lights there are many designer electrical switches which you can use in your home to give it a bang on look!
  1. Wall arts: If you want to give your room a class look, you can go for wall paintings and art works in addition to the designer switches. Leave one wall with a white base and decorate it with art work and whoa! Your work is done. You’ll get something new after all this and it would give a touch up to the new furniture and colored walls. What you’ve to do is go and look for the painting which describes your personality fully and most properly.                                                                                                                                                                                            Catalogue A4 January CRV

So by ending this article what I will say is you should sometimes make changes in your home. As you know, it will describe your personality too. You must know what you want and what you’re going to do with all the things you’re planning to buy. Be selective when buying something. Look for options but buy only those things with which you want to decorate your home and yes most importantly, do it with not the sake of only doing but with your heart. It will give you the best results.

unnamed (3)As we all know when the advancements came in the field of interior designing, there were many changes in the things and it gave us a new thing i.e. the electrical switch. In this article we will be discussing about the electrical switches and its types.

Let’s begin then.

An electrical switch is a now days a very common device used for operating the functioning of other appliances like light, fan, television etc. Some switches are operated manually while others by remote controls. They make come in different shape, size and designs. It is a standout amongst the most fundamental yet imperative electrical gadgets in the home. Despite the fact that they all look the same once the face-plate is on, they can work in an unexpected way.

There are different types of switches. Let’s get an overview about them. There are 4 major types of switches.

  1. Single pole switch: It is basically the simple on/off switch and is the universally useful workhorse of switches. Single post switches turn a light, container or gadget on and off from a single location. What makes it different from other switches is that these switches have an on/off marking on them. It has two terminals but only one action. In the switch, one terminal is for input and other for output. One of the terminals is wired to the black or hot wire. You must know one thing that you cannot wire the terminal with a neutral or white wire. This switch does not come with a ground terminal.                                                                                                                         simon_slider6
  1. Double pole switch: it is similar to single switch circuit in the way that it also has on/off markings but is different in the sense that it has four brass terminals. It means that instead of one, it can be wired to two hot or black wires. This also means that it will give two inputs and two outputs which were not present in the case of single pole switch. Due to the fact that it has four brass wires and can attach to 2 hot wires, it can switch to 240 Volt circuit and hence can replace the switches and appliances using 240 Volts. This switch comes with ground terminal.
  1. Three way switch: Three way switches are different from single and double pole switches as it does not have any on/off markings. It is always used in pairs and the position of on/off markings may change in accordance with the way in which switch is used. This is the reason that these switches cannot have on/off markings. It has 3 terminal screws. The hot wire is attached to the main or common terminal screw. Common is also denotes as COM, while the other two are called travelers. It doesn’t matter which traveler wire goes to which terminal switch, it is one and the same thing. It also comes with a ground terminal and hence shows a characteristic common to double pole switch. One important thing to be kept in mind is that these switches cannot be paired and used with any other kind of switch and thus, must be used with their pair.
  1. Four way switch: To keep control of light fixture, a four way switch is used between two three way switches. Unlike single pole switches, these switches do not have on/off markings. It has four switch terminals. They show dissimilarity from three way switch in the sense that there is no COM or Common terminal. It works simply as a switching device for the traveler wires between the three way switches.

This article gave a briefing about the types of switches which can be used in different places according to their function and requirement. There are many companies which provide these kinds of switches.

How-to-be-your-own-home-interior-designer-contemporary-home-office-550x367Bored of tired and simple looking living room? Want some modifications in your room? Some can afford to call an Interior designer, but sadly not all. Then you might try to be your own interior designer and decorate your room. This article might be helping you in designing your room. In this article I am going to give you tips which will give your room an entirely new look. Now when you are the interior designer then you know what you want your room to look like. Open the window of your creativity and let all the ideas come out. Be your own interior designer! Then what are we waiting for? Let’s begin then.

  1. Inspiration: Inspiration can be taken from anywhere, whether it is magazines or design websites. There are many websites and you can surf through the internet to look for ideas for interiors. These websites may give sparkling ideas for your designing. Whatever you like the most go for it. Don’t settle for just one or two ideas; rather search as much as you can and after your search is complete gather all the information you have collected and see what can come out of it. You may get amazing ideas.
  2. Color play: Now when you have decided what your “future room” should look like, the next step is adding colors to your imagination as well as room. If we talk about colors then we must not choose only single, boring and dull colors. This is a bit tough and very creative task. You should know what color will match with your furniture, fans; electrical switches etc. you should mix and match different colors and set a pattern which will give a new and modern look to your room. Must remembered thing: colors must be chosen by the person who has good taste in this field. Go for bright and soothing colors. And tip for designing a room for study is, use colors like sky blue, yellow, white etc. as these colors are soothing and help them to focus on studies. For example, you can paint your room white and blue as it gives a very soothing and cool feeling.
  3. Texture: Textures? Well why not? Be creative and look for different textures. If you want a single shade room likes all white or yellow then this thing is a TOTAL YES! For you. It will give an intense as well as impressive look to your room. One should never stop experimenting and if it gives beautiful results the why one should stop? These textures must be compatible with your lifestyle. If you don’t have any child or pets then you can go for light shade sofa and pillows. Also there are different styles of electrical switches which may give a beautiful look to your wall. Don’t hesitate to go for different styles and textures and yes I am saying it again, don’t settle for less. Do lots and lots of search and then finalize the one which suits best to you.
  4. Furniture: Don’t rush with the furniture thing. First of all see the size of your room and then think what you want to have in it. A tip for a successful room is don’t, I repeat, don’t flood your room with all the big things. It will make your room look less spacious which is not our goal. The goal is to make a small room a spacious one! What you can do in this case is avoid too many chairs and dining table fixed together in the room. Instead, go for a big sofa and not much but few chairs and a table which may give it a spacious look. Try to combine small and big things which will give the exact look you want to see. And yes, the color of the chairs and sofa must be in combination with the color of your room. Like if you have light colored walls you can combine it with dark colored sofa. Go and try it yourself.                                                                                                                                            Bathroom-Interior-Design-picture
  5. Appliances: Not everyone mentions this point but I think it is as important as all other things in the rooms. Just think yourself how boring will you room look if you will continue with the same, simple and basic fans and electrical switches. It will steal the shine of your room. Give importance to all the little details as well. You can go and search for new electrical switches and fans with different designs and colors. These things must bend with your interiors but if it has an attractive look then it’s not harm in using that too. You should select the things which will go best with your room and it depends all on your taste so it’s better if you have a good choice in selection.
  1. Flowers: Now this is not a mandatory add on but it will give a beautiful as well as effervescent look to your room. Bright color flowers is a big yes from my side and please don’t go for artificial plants. It will not give you the look you want. And if you don’t like flowers or you are somehow allergic to them then don’t worry. You can try other stuff such as fruit baskets or decorative lamps for the final touch up of your room.

So in this article there are 6 tips which I have mentioned for you guys to design your room by yourself. Why to depend on anyone for your work? Get up and let your creativity and intelligence do your work! As I already said, “Be your own interior designer”.


Catalogue A4 January CRV

Would not it be interesting to design your drawing room by your own? Why to listen other’s advice when you can do it on your own? After all who will know what’s best for your drawing room better than you? So get ready to design your drawing room by your own and surprise your guests as they will see the best of all they can see in your home! Ok so without wasting any time we should get ready for the tips which I am going to give you in this article. Here are some tips for designing your drawing room and giving it a simple yet charming look! So what are w waiting for? Just go for it now!

1. Walls and ceilings: To make your room look attractive what you can do is work on the walls and ceilings of your room. Whatever style or texture suits and matches your personality and will make it a more welcoming place. You can go through various magazines and websites for ideas and inspiration. A thing to be remembered is that don’t go over the top. Make it charming but let it reflect a tinge of simplicity too. There can be many things you have to look for like the design, style or texture of walls as well as ceilings.

 2. Color selection: What comes right after this is the color selection and because it is a drawing room don’t go for colors like red, black, dark brown and any other color which may give an impact of aggression or dullness. Instead, you can go for soft and soothing colors which will calm every one present in that room and energize the room too. Generally it is recommended that you can use the combination of white and light blue which will give a cooling effect. In order to balance this you can use colors which may give warmth like yellow, light brown etc. Maintaining the color balance is important here. It will give an appealing look to your room.

 3. Flooring: In flooring, you can do two things. Either you can do tiling on floors in accordance with your walls and its texture or you can simply go for carpets/rugs. There are wall to wall carpets which are comfortable as well as stylish too. If you want to have soft and comfortable flooring then carpets is the best choice! All you have to keep in mind is that the color of the carpet must be in contrast with the interiors. If the color of your room is white and light blue and the texture is smooth then what you can try is a red carpet which will balance the color and style of your interiors. You can look for plains as well as bold colored carpets and see what fits in your list.

 4. Proper lighting: in a well designed room proper lighting is important. There must be windows and lights too. Apart from having tube lights we can have decorative lamps. And one thing to keep in mind is that you can go and look for designer switches to blend it with the interiors. There are many top electrical switch brands which manufacture these switches and help you in your designing work. You can look out for other electrical appliances like fan which may come in different styles and designs.


 5. Furniture: You will for sure go to buy furniture for your drawing room that matches with the interior. There are companies which manufacture simple yet amazing furniture and you can check it out on internet. Always keep one thing in mind, don’t fill your room completely! It will make your room look filled up which may not look good. Try making your room look spacious. Use furniture which suits there, like you cannot place your wardrobe in the drawing room. Put right things at right places and make your room look beautifully designed.

 6. Accessorizing: Why not giving a new looks to your drawing room by accessorizing it with wall hanging and paintings? Choose paintings which reflect your taste. You can try things such as displaying those art works on plain walls or plain and simple wall hangings on designed or textured walls. It will show a mix and match of your creativity with their art work. Why not be as creative as them? Let your mind be as creative as it wants to and accessorize the room at your best!

 Now to sum up my article I will say that it doesn’t matter from where you get your inspiration for designing. You can get it from a magazine or from some hotel, someone’s house. What matters here is how well you can execute those ideas and let the interior designer inside you do the work. Be creative and be original. You will see that what you can design may not even think by someone else!

What’s the first thing you notice when you go to someone’s home for the very first time? The Interiors, obviously! You get tempted by that and want your house to be renovated too. But does your budget allow you to do so? May be some families can hire an Interior designer but can all do the same? The answer as we all knows in NO. So how can we solve this problem? The answer is quite simple. Sometimes you have to build your own road to complete your journey, so why not you start it by designing your home by yourself? Wouldn’t it be great? So let’s start the article in which I am going to talk about the ways by which you can design your own bathroom. There are some points which you have to keep in mind while designing your bathroom and that are what I am going to discuss.

1. Storage: I know not all the bathrooms are big and spacious but this is the way you can make it spacious. Why not store all the bathroom essentials at one place. You can build shelves and put the basic things like towel, shower gel, soaps, toothpaste, brushes and other things. It will not only make your bathroom spacious but also keep your things in an organized manner. In a scattered bathroom you will have a clumsy morning if you’ll not get your things on your hand soon and easily. So in order to get rid of this problem what you can do is build storage space in your bathroom. Good bye to the less spacious and messy bathroom and welcome to a spacious one!

 2. Experimenting with colors: Well, it may seem odd to some and innovative to others. But why not we experiment with colors in bathroom too? What’s the harm in giving it a total new look? Just look around your boring and dull bathroom. So lifeless at times! Just color it up. Don’t make it so vibrant, but you can go for combination of light and dark colors like chocolate brown and white. I would suggest you to do a detailed research work on this because choosing colors and setting a color combination is a quite tough as well as important task and may need someone who has an expertise in this. That’s why it’s a bit necessary to have knowledge of colors.

 3. Texture: If you’re not so impressed by the idea of color play with walls then maybe this thing can catch your attention! Why not you try different textures on your bathroom walls? Isn’t it a bit different? I guess so it is, and in addition to that what you can try is contrasting texture with the paint of other walls. The other thing which we can think about is tiling. There are many ways in which you can tile your bathroom. My personal favourite is monochrome. You can try other too like contrast of light and dark tiles or tiles of same color. There are many patterned as well as plain tiles too. It’s totally up to you what you want. Just a tip: don’t do it over the top.


 4. Modular Switches: When we are designing the whole bathroom then why to miss the small details? Maybe you guessed it right! What I am talking about is switches. There are many electrical switch manufacturers in India which produces switches in new designs and styles. It will match with the wall colors and tiling and obviously give your bathroom a very stylish look too. These manufacturers understand the need of present generation and hence have the perfect switches for them. You can look for the switches you want and give your bathroom a new and ravishing look of your choice.

 At the end what I am going to conclude this article is that you can build your own bathroom by your own creativity. Look for ideas and you can take a look over the article to get some ideas too. Don’t forget, what you can create is different in its own way. You can be your own interior designer!

Every time I search for a socket to plug in, I can’t find one! So who is the culprit? The electrician? The interior designer? The manufacturer? The builder? As I struggle to find the answer, I am also struggling to find an adapter which allows me to connect to all my plugs to a single socket on the wall.

The issue of not having enough electrical switches and sockets is universal and we are living with it cause we don’t know how to solve it . Let me try to simplify this puzzle so that we are conscious of what we are buying for our homes. To start with let me tell you that it is simpler than your smart mobile phone and it costs the same !

First let us understand what do we use switches and sockets in our homes for ? We use switches to switch electrical products like lights, fans , geysers, kitchen appliances , Audio video equipment , washing appliances, etc. We use sockets to connect electrical equipment and draw power from them. We also use regulators for speed regulation of fan and dimmers for dimming lights.

Next let us understand how to choose switch sockets for our application. All switches and sockets are first chosen as per the equipment connected to it. All equipment have three ratings: Voltage (V) on which it runs, Current (in Ampere A) which it draws and Power (in watts W) which it consumes. We are all well aware of the power it consumes but the switch & sockets are rated as per the current it draws. Hence it is important to also know the current rating of the equipment. Like power consumed can be identified as (W) , eg : 9 W LED bulb or 600 W Iron . Current drawn is identified as (A) eg : 1 A or 4 A . If the current rating is not shown then it can be found out by just dividing Power (W) by 240 (V) voltage. Eg . 9 W bulb will draw 9/240 = 0.0375 A current.

Although my electrical engineering colleagues will differ from making things simple, let’s make it simple for ease of understanding. We will divide the electrical equipment into three categories and we will choose the switches and sockets accordingly:

1.Light power 2. Power and 3. High Power 4. High Power with safety

1. Light Power (switch): As the word implies it is mainly switching of lighting products which we are talking about. Majority of the lights can be switched using 6A or 10A switches . I say 6A /10A because market offers you both the options at the same price.

So I would recommend that you use higher rating 10A switches. You can also use the same for switching fans.

There are two types of light power switches : 1 way & 2 way . Use 2 way for controlling lights /fan from two locations at the same time however the wiring should be done in advance for this function. Eg, switch ON the bedroom light as you enter the room and switch OFF from your bedside.

2. Power (switch) : These are used for switching higher power consuming loads upto 1200 W. Equipment like Refrigerators, Microwave , Induction cook top, washing machine can be switched using 16A switches.

My recommendation is to use these switches with LED indicators as they will remind you visually that the device is ON.

3. High Power (switch) : Equipment like geyser, room heater, AC should use switches with higher ratings . Market offers switches with ratings 20A/25A/32A which are best suited for these applications.

4. High Power with safety : There are other options in this category which offers not just switching but also safety features with it. I would mention two products in this category with specific features :

  • Motor Starter : These are best suitable for window/ split AC and also for small HP water pumps as they offer overload protection along with higher rating for switching.
  • Mini MCB : These are best suitable for Geysers , Room heaters, AC as they offer short circuit and overload protection along with higher rating for switching. Choose 20A or 32A as per your need.

These small MCBs are great devices to protect the equipment however use these with higher trip rating > 3000A as they will fail to function as a safety device at lower ratings . I would recommend usage of ISI marked switches and mini MCB only.

We use sockets for connecting a lot of electrically powered products. There is a lot of confusion as there are various options in this category and we have to be wise to choose the right option.

I would divide this category into three :

1.Low power 2. Ultra low power 3. High power

1.Low Power (Sockets) : When we use sockets to connect lower rating equipment we must use 6A sockets in conjunction with the 6A switch. Eg. Mobile charger, LED TV, Audio video equipment, table lamp, laptop. These low power sockets are available in various types: 2 Pin socket, 2/3 pin socket, 5 pin socket and universal socket.

My recommendation is to use the universal socket as it will take care of all your different Indian and international plug tops and you will never face any connection issue. Always use sockets which have child safety shutters and place it at every possible location so that you don’t have to use additional adaptors.

2.Ultra low power : USB Charger (Socket) These new generation sockets are designed to give low voltage (5V) to devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Blue tooth devices , Wi Fi dongle using USB Ports. For regular charging at home use 1A rating and for fast charging or for charging Phablets/Tablets use 2.1A rating chargers.

My recommendation is to have one 1A USB charger near the bed in each room and have 2.1A USB charger in the Living & Dining rooms. Always use chargers which are BIS certified for safety against short circuit and overload.

3.High Power (Socket) :These sockets are available in 16A. 6/16A and 25A ratings. They are used for connecting geysers, AC, Room heaters , Kitchen appliances and water pumps. Use them with suitable rating switches , motor starters or mini MCB.

My recommendation is to use 6/16 A sockets with ISI marking for safety only .

The last choice that you will have to make is of a good fan regulator. There are several types of regulators used in the market : 1 module, 2 module , 4 step, 5 step and full rotation. My recommendation is to use 5 step full rotation to get best results as it gives you 5 choices of fan speed and it is also convenient to use and you can rotate the knob 360 degrees.

Always use fan regulators which have safety cap capacitors for safety against bursting of capacitor. Note that since these fan regulators are regulating fans of different makes it is impossible to get the perfect combination and match for speed regulation. Always have the fan regulator near your bedside for ease of control.

You are now good to go and to choose your colors and design of the modular switches as per your decor and budget !

Author: Shankar Dey

An electrical switch in an electronic device used to interrupt the flow of electrons. Switches are the binary devices so they can be either completely off or completely on or in other words we can say that a switch is an electronic device which is used to break or make the electronic circuit automatically or manually. There are many types of electric switches available in the market. The working principle of the switch depends on the ON / OFF mechanism.
Now in these days you can purchase electric switches online, without going to market just sitting at home. Even these switches are also available in different colors and styles which are more convenient with your home’s interior. One of the best websites of online electronic switches, cable, and wiring is www.simon.co.in you can go through this website. Here great range of switches is available. Switches are in different colors like golden, silver, orange, green and yellow etc. So, you can choose switches with your home’s interior and your choice.

Switches are basically of 4 types. The styling of these four categories does not have a great difference but they differ in functionalities.

Categories of switches are as follows:

  • · Single Pole
  • · Double Pole
  • · Three Way
  • · Four Way
  • · Multi location switch
  • · Dimmer switch

Single Pole : Single pole electrical switches also known as toggle switches. It controls just one circuit. Such type of switches has single input and single output. A single-pole switch turns a light on and off from one location. These are most common switches found in the home. And these are easy to operate.

Double Pole : Double Pole electric switches control to separate circuits. A double pole switch is like separate single-pole switches that are mechanically operated by the same lever, knob, or button. These are also very easy to handle.

Three Way switches : A three-way switch consists two brass screws, a green screw and a darker colored screw. Using three-way switches, light can be control from two different locations. The three-way switch does not have the toggle handle switched. That is because one position does not mean that is necessarily on or off. It depends on the position of another switch.

Four-way switch : when you are using four way switch then it is recommended to hire a professional because its installation is not easy. A four way switch has four terminals each with two pairs of travelers.

Multi-location switch : Multi location switch is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches which are used to control an electrical load from multiple locations. For example, this allows lighting in a hallway, stairwell or large room to be controlled from multiple locations.

Dimmer switch : Dimmer switches allows you to turn the light in several subtle shades.

Importance of electric switches is as follows:

  • · Electric switches are very important because all the equipment we are using is useless without a switch.
  • · Electric switches use to connect and break the flow of connectivity.
  • · Electronic switches are used to perform all logical functions.
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