Vision Mission & Values – Modular Electrical Switches



“We create superior customer experience and build long term relationships with sustainable growth to become a reputed company in wiring devices industry”





Our ‘reputation’ is defined by the Quality we deliver to our customers

  1. Superior Customer Experience:VMV

    We provide solutions with superior performance and robust quality at competative costs with best-in-class service

  2. Long-Term Relationships:

    Stakeholders: Adding value and meeting commitments

    Partners: Fair, transparent, consistent, and systemic treatment towards win-win objectives and with personal respect and consideration

    Employees: Engaging employees by making visible their contribution to the company’s vision, developing capabilities, providing equitable growth opportunities, and recognising achievements

  3. Sustainable Growth:

    We add and run businesses that results in continual top-line and bottom-line growth; period on period

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