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The new connectivity range for workplaces Simon400 has won the RED DOT and the IF DESIGN award (two of the most prestigious design awards in the world); in the product category.

This award is a recognition of the work done by all the departments that have been involved in the Simon 400 project, in which the series has been given a minimalist and modern aesthetic, minimizing unnecessary spaces and eliminating the less aesthetics details, (screws, vertical lines between functions or even the frame itself); in a bid to incorporate the design into the solutions of electrical and multimedia connectivity of the workplaces whilst maximizing the free space in the desks.

This is one more commercial argument to be used in situations in which a commercial building-offices project involves an architecture studio or an interiorist design studio and especially in those situations where design takes an special importance.

Simon has already been awarded in previous editions of RED DOT and iF awards. Specifically, the Simon24 series with an IF Award, as well as the Sense family of interfaces with an IF GOLD AWARD and also the S100 with a RED DOT have been previously awarded, (those awards have been also given to some Fluvia products).

Every time I search for a socket to plug in, I can’t find one! So who is the culprit? The electrician? The interior designer? The manufacturer? The builder? As I struggle to find the answer, I am also struggling to find an adapter which allows me to connect to all my plugs to a single socket on the wall.

The issue of not having enough electrical switches and sockets is universal and we are living with it cause we don’t know how to solve it . Let me try to simplify this puzzle so that we are conscious of what we are buying for our homes. To start with let me tell you that it is simpler than your smart mobile phone and it costs the same !

First let us understand what do we use switches and sockets in our homes for ? We use switches to switch electrical products like lights, fans , geysers, kitchen appliances , Audio video equipment , washing appliances, etc. We use sockets to connect electrical equipment and draw power from them. We also use regulators for speed regulation of fan and dimmers for dimming lights.

Next let us understand how to choose switch sockets for our application. All switches and sockets are first chosen as per the equipment connected to it. All equipment have three ratings: Voltage (V) on which it runs, Current (in Ampere A) which it draws and Power (in watts W) which it consumes. We are all well aware of the power it consumes but the switch & sockets are rated as per the current it draws. Hence it is important to also know the current rating of the equipment. Like power consumed can be identified as (W) , eg : 9 W LED bulb or 600 W Iron . Current drawn is identified as (A) eg : 1 A or 4 A . If the current rating is not shown then it can be found out by just dividing Power (W) by 240 (V) voltage. Eg . 9 W bulb will draw 9/240 = 0.0375 A current.

Although my electrical engineering colleagues will differ from making things simple, let’s make it simple for ease of understanding. We will divide the electrical equipment into three categories and we will choose the switches and sockets accordingly:

1.Light power 2. Power and 3. High Power 4. High Power with safety

1. Light Power (switch): As the word implies it is mainly switching of lighting products which we are talking about. Majority of the lights can be switched using 6A or 10A switches . I say 6A /10A because market offers you both the options at the same price.

So I would recommend that you use higher rating 10A switches. You can also use the same for switching fans.

There are two types of light power switches : 1 way & 2 way . Use 2 way for controlling lights /fan from two locations at the same time however the wiring should be done in advance for this function. Eg, switch ON the bedroom light as you enter the room and switch OFF from your bedside.

2. Power (switch) : These are used for switching higher power consuming loads upto 1200 W. Equipment like Refrigerators, Microwave , Induction cook top, washing machine can be switched using 16A switches.

My recommendation is to use these switches with LED indicators as they will remind you visually that the device is ON.

3. High Power (switch) : Equipment like geyser, room heater, AC should use switches with higher ratings . Market offers switches with ratings 20A/25A/32A which are best suited for these applications.

4. High Power with safety : There are other options in this category which offers not just switching but also safety features with it. I would mention two products in this category with specific features :

  • Motor Starter : These are best suitable for window/ split AC and also for small HP water pumps as they offer overload protection along with higher rating for switching.
  • Mini MCB : These are best suitable for Geysers , Room heaters, AC as they offer short circuit and overload protection along with higher rating for switching. Choose 20A or 32A as per your need.

These small MCBs are great devices to protect the equipment however use these with higher trip rating > 3000A as they will fail to function as a safety device at lower ratings . I would recommend usage of ISI marked switches and mini MCB only.

We use sockets for connecting a lot of electrically powered products. There is a lot of confusion as there are various options in this category and we have to be wise to choose the right option.

I would divide this category into three :

1.Low power 2. Ultra low power 3. High power

1.Low Power (Sockets) : When we use sockets to connect lower rating equipment we must use 6A sockets in conjunction with the 6A switch. Eg. Mobile charger, LED TV, Audio video equipment, table lamp, laptop. These low power sockets are available in various types: 2 Pin socket, 2/3 pin socket, 5 pin socket and universal socket.

My recommendation is to use the universal socket as it will take care of all your different Indian and international plug tops and you will never face any connection issue. Always use sockets which have child safety shutters and place it at every possible location so that you don’t have to use additional adaptors.

2.Ultra low power : USB Charger (Socket) These new generation sockets are designed to give low voltage (5V) to devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Blue tooth devices , Wi Fi dongle using USB Ports. For regular charging at home use 1A rating and for fast charging or for charging Phablets/Tablets use 2.1A rating chargers.

My recommendation is to have one 1A USB charger near the bed in each room and have 2.1A USB charger in the Living & Dining rooms. Always use chargers which are BIS certified for safety against short circuit and overload.

3.High Power (Socket) :These sockets are available in 16A. 6/16A and 25A ratings. They are used for connecting geysers, AC, Room heaters , Kitchen appliances and water pumps. Use them with suitable rating switches , motor starters or mini MCB.

My recommendation is to use 6/16 A sockets with ISI marking for safety only .

The last choice that you will have to make is of a good fan regulator. There are several types of regulators used in the market : 1 module, 2 module , 4 step, 5 step and full rotation. My recommendation is to use 5 step full rotation to get best results as it gives you 5 choices of fan speed and it is also convenient to use and you can rotate the knob 360 degrees.

Always use fan regulators which have safety cap capacitors for safety against bursting of capacitor. Note that since these fan regulators are regulating fans of different makes it is impossible to get the perfect combination and match for speed regulation. Always have the fan regulator near your bedside for ease of control.

You are now good to go and to choose your colors and design of the modular switches as per your decor and budget !

Author: Shankar Dey

An electrical switch in an electronic device used to interrupt the flow of electrons. Switches are the binary devices so they can be either completely off or completely on or in other words we can say that a switch is an electronic device which is used to break or make the electronic circuit automatically or manually. There are many types of electric switches available in the market. The working principle of the switch depends on the ON / OFF mechanism.
Now in these days you can purchase electric switches online, without going to market just sitting at home. Even these switches are also available in different colors and styles which are more convenient with your home’s interior. One of the best websites of online electronic switches, cable, and wiring is www.simon.co.in you can go through this website. Here great range of switches is available. Switches are in different colors like golden, silver, orange, green and yellow etc. So, you can choose switches with your home’s interior and your choice.

Switches are basically of 4 types. The styling of these four categories does not have a great difference but they differ in functionalities.

Categories of switches are as follows:

  • · Single Pole
  • · Double Pole
  • · Three Way
  • · Four Way
  • · Multi location switch
  • · Dimmer switch

Single Pole : Single pole electrical switches also known as toggle switches. It controls just one circuit. Such type of switches has single input and single output. A single-pole switch turns a light on and off from one location. These are most common switches found in the home. And these are easy to operate.

Double Pole : Double Pole electric switches control to separate circuits. A double pole switch is like separate single-pole switches that are mechanically operated by the same lever, knob, or button. These are also very easy to handle.

Three Way switches : A three-way switch consists two brass screws, a green screw and a darker colored screw. Using three-way switches, light can be control from two different locations. The three-way switch does not have the toggle handle switched. That is because one position does not mean that is necessarily on or off. It depends on the position of another switch.

Four-way switch : when you are using four way switch then it is recommended to hire a professional because its installation is not easy. A four way switch has four terminals each with two pairs of travelers.

Multi-location switch : Multi location switch is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches which are used to control an electrical load from multiple locations. For example, this allows lighting in a hallway, stairwell or large room to be controlled from multiple locations.

Dimmer switch : Dimmer switches allows you to turn the light in several subtle shades.

Importance of electric switches is as follows:

  • · Electric switches are very important because all the equipment we are using is useless without a switch.
  • · Electric switches use to connect and break the flow of connectivity.
  • · Electronic switches are used to perform all logical functions.

Barcelona 21 July, 2016 – SIMON, a leading manufacturer of interfaces and electrical equipment, as well as a creator of technology and decoration solutions for home and business environments, has been awarded the Spanish National Design Award 2016 for the ‘Companies’ category by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the State Secretariat for Research Development and Innovation.

The Spanish National Design Awards 2016 recognize companies and individuals with an outstanding trajectory in the field of design. Specifically, the jury awarded SIMON for its large international impact, long business tradition and constant, strategic commitment to innovation. In addition, the award highlights SIMON’s capacity for including design in everyday products.

“This award recognizes SIMON’s effort and work in committing to innovative, functional, good-looking, timeless and global products and solutions. Our priority is not to make design products but rather, products that are well designed,” commented SIMON’s deeply moved Design Director, Salvi Plaja. “For us, investing in each project’s design while providing comfortable, secure and sustainable solutions for any environment is a challenge,” he adds.

According to Luis Lopezbarrena, SIMON’s General Manager, “We’re very proud to add this award to our centennial celebration. Our slogan, Simon Light Up Emotions, allows users to create atmospheres with our products that awaken all kinds of emotions through design,” he confirms. “Our team’s effort in combining appearance and functionality has been recognized by other prestigious design awards, both in Spain and abroad, such as the Red Dot Awards, Plus X Awards, the Delta Awards, the Catalonia Ecodesign Awards 2015 and the IF Design Awards, including an IF Gold Award for our Sense range.”

Barcelona, November 30th 2016 – SIMON, the leading manufacturer of electrical equipment in Spain as well as a creator of technology solutions for domestic and professional environment, has been awarded the Premio Aster de Trayectoria Empresarial Grandes Empresas from ESIC business school, as a recognition to its corporate history.

Lluís Simon, former President at SIMON Holding, collected the award at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, and explained: ‘SIMON is the perfect example of a family business that, in a country having few natural resources, has built our economy’s grounds and foundation.’ During his speech, he remembered the company’s origins, which started as a small family workshop and became an international holding, while he also highlighted the great contribution of its founders and employees throughout a hundred years of history. Mr. Simon also wanted to appreciate ESIC’s role in training future professionals for companies.

ESIC has hold the Premios Aster for thirty-four years anually as a recognition to the merits of individuals and entities for their professional activity with the aim of boosting integration between academic education and business life. The Jury of the Premios Aster is made of relevant figures of the business and academic world.

In this special year during which SIMON has celebrated its centenary, the company has been recognised with several awards such as the Premios Nacionales Diseño 2016 in the ‘Empresas’ category which is awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competiveness, the Premios Fuera de Serie Diseño e Innovación and the Premio a Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial 2015 from El Periódico de Catalunya.


SIMON is the head of an industrial group that emerged from a family-owned workshop in Olot (Spain) 100 years ago. It has grown thanks to the efforts and the tenacity of thousands of people to its present position: leading company in the Spanish market with a strong position in the world market for low-voltage electrical materials. Its product portfolio ranges from collections of mechanisms, remote control and point-to-point remote consumption measurements, control systems, lighting and recharging of electric vehicles. The SIMON Group has more than 3,800 employees worldwide, its own business is in 18 countries, 10 of them with their own production factories, SIMON international presence is in 93 countries and its turnover is of 304 M€.

SIMON offers users the possibility to create spaces and atmospheres that can be touched, seen, heard and felt. Unique sensations at your fingertips. Simon Light Up Emotions.

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