Switch On Your Style

Simon Vivid 38 - Colourful Switches - Fancy Switches - Premium Metallic Switches for Home

Everyone has
a favorite colour

A colour that represents your aura. This colour helps you express yourself, it has the ability to speak volumes. You had a hint of it in your world, it can be seen in the pocket-square you picked out, or a detail on the scarf you chose to wear. It is who you are, and it adds a pinch of
individuality to everything you own.

Switch on your Style

At Simon, we believe in creating products that are beautifully designed and flawless in function. Sometimes less is more and the Simon 38 Vivid is a perfect blend of refined Spanish ingenuity with slivers of vibrant colours. Switch on your style and bring your space to life with a new Simon 38 Vivid Series.

Blanco metal

Switch to White + Metal

The refined tastefulness of metal against clean white panel creates the perfect mood for a minimalistic space. A fleck of gold or silver or a line of graphite induces a subtle yet indulgent atmosphere within your space. The Blanco line of the Simon Vivid 38 has been sophisticatedly modeled to add a touch of Spanish chic to the drab, plan white.

White Frame

| Silver Flag

White Frame

| Chrome Flag

White Frame

| Gold Flag

Grafito neon

Switch to Graphite + Neon

Bring in a punch of energy with neon colours this season. Switch on your favorite colour and add personality to your space. Charge up your spirit with deliciously daring colours such as lime green, zing orange and citrus yellow. The subtle dash of bright neon against graphite gives the switch the perfect amount of style and zing.

Graphite Frame

| Lime Flag

Graphite Frame

| Citrus Flag

Graphite Frame

| Zing Flag

Plata metal

Switch to Plata + Metal

The Plata line of the Simon Vivid 38 speaks of the style and grace. Add a dash of exuberance to your space with the luxury of silver. Each combination has been thoughtfully put together to portray modish restraint. Be it the silver lining, the delicate gold lacing or the defining graphite, each side flag adds character to the smooth and sauve silver casing.

Aluminium Frame

| Chrome Flag

Aluminium Frame

| Gold Flag


Switch to Class

Make a bold statement with the Simon Vivid 38 Metalico. These switches have been skillfully designed to give you a rich, satin smooth texture in three goergeous colour, a sophisticated gold, a deep violet and a luxuriant red that is bound to add a touch of elegance to any space. The combination of these opulent colours with the graceful silver makes these switches a tasteful balance of luxury and refinement.

Garnet Red

Amethyst Violet

Spanish Gold

features and benefits


Protection from Ultra violet rays, with non yellowing finishes on the frames and rockers. Tested at labs at 70° to 72° C - ideal for using in all conditions, indoor and outdoor with lasting appearance and appeal.

Spill Protected

Keep switches safe from paint spill during finishing stages of civil work. Covered in shrink wrapped packaging.

Flat Finish

Flat Design to Match Interiors

  • Smooth switching operation
  • Robust design
  • Mechanism acquires less space inside wall box
  • Easy to install

Smooth Switching

  • Steel Spring

    Ensuring consistent
    contact pressure

  • Steel Plunger

    Ensuring maximum
    switch operations

  • Brass contact

    High conductivity using
    AgNi (cadmium free) contact



Installation possible in both ways, Convenient for bellpush installation of multistorey building

Front removal

Suitable for front insertion and removal enabling quick installation


Wider entrance for bigger tools enabling quick and safe connection


Cover plates are designed with special notch on the side to aid fast and easy detachment



Stainless steel plunger ensuring maximum switch operations

Energy Efficient

Indicator mechanisms with LED technology, Long lasting

Firm Base

Oblong holes for easy adjustment with wall boxes and installation on wooden ledges


ISI and CE mark mechanisms, 10 Years warranty on switches and sockets


IP20 Protection

Finger proof shrouded terminal

Shock Proof

Shutter Plate for child safety against accidental electrical contact

Fire Retardant

Fire retardent PC housing withstands glow-wire test

Safety Cap

Safety cap capacitors to prevent bursting due to aging

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