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unnamed (3)As we all know when the advancements came in the field of interior designing, there were many changes in the things and it gave us a new thing i.e. the electrical switch. In this article we will be discussing about the electrical switches and its types.

Let’s begin then.

An electrical switch is a now days a very common device used for operating the functioning of other appliances like light, fan, television etc. Some switches are operated manually while others by remote controls. They make come in different shape, size and designs. It is a standout amongst the most fundamental yet imperative electrical gadgets in the home. Despite the fact that they all look the same once the face-plate is on, they can work in an unexpected way.

There are different types of switches. Let’s get an overview about them. There are 4 major types of switches.

  1. Single pole switch: It is basically the simple on/off switch and is the universally useful workhorse of switches. Single post switches turn a light, container or gadget on and off from a single location. What makes it different from other switches is that these switches have an on/off marking on them. It has two terminals but only one action. In the switch, one terminal is for input and other for output. One of the terminals is wired to the black or hot wire. You must know one thing that you cannot wire the terminal with a neutral or white wire. This switch does not come with a ground terminal.                                                                                                                         simon_slider6
  1. Double pole switch: it is similar to single switch circuit in the way that it also has on/off markings but is different in the sense that it has four brass terminals. It means that instead of one, it can be wired to two hot or black wires. This also means that it will give two inputs and two outputs which were not present in the case of single pole switch. Due to the fact that it has four brass wires and can attach to 2 hot wires, it can switch to 240 Volt circuit and hence can replace the switches and appliances using 240 Volts. This switch comes with ground terminal.
  1. Three way switch: Three way switches are different from single and double pole switches as it does not have any on/off markings. It is always used in pairs and the position of on/off markings may change in accordance with the way in which switch is used. This is the reason that these switches cannot have on/off markings. It has 3 terminal screws. The hot wire is attached to the main or common terminal screw. Common is also denotes as COM, while the other two are called travelers. It doesn’t matter which traveler wire goes to which terminal switch, it is one and the same thing. It also comes with a ground terminal and hence shows a characteristic common to double pole switch. One important thing to be kept in mind is that these switches cannot be paired and used with any other kind of switch and thus, must be used with their pair.
  1. Four way switch: To keep control of light fixture, a four way switch is used between two three way switches. Unlike single pole switches, these switches do not have on/off markings. It has four switch terminals. They show dissimilarity from three way switch in the sense that there is no COM or Common terminal. It works simply as a switching device for the traveler wires between the three way switches.

This article gave a briefing about the types of switches which can be used in different places according to their function and requirement. There are many companies which provide these kinds of switches.

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Would not it be interesting to design your drawing room by your own? Why to listen other’s advice when you can do it on your own? After all who will know what’s best for your drawing room better than you? So get ready to design your drawing room by your own and surprise your guests as they will see the best of all they can see in your home! Ok so without wasting any time we should get ready for the tips which I am going to give you in this article. Here are some tips for designing your drawing room and giving it a simple yet charming look! So what are w waiting for? Just go for it now!

1. Walls and ceilings: To make your room look attractive what you can do is work on the walls and ceilings of your room. Whatever style or texture suits and matches your personality and will make it a more welcoming place. You can go through various magazines and websites for ideas and inspiration. A thing to be remembered is that don’t go over the top. Make it charming but let it reflect a tinge of simplicity too. There can be many things you have to look for like the design, style or texture of walls as well as ceilings.

 2. Color selection: What comes right after this is the color selection and because it is a drawing room don’t go for colors like red, black, dark brown and any other color which may give an impact of aggression or dullness. Instead, you can go for soft and soothing colors which will calm every one present in that room and energize the room too. Generally it is recommended that you can use the combination of white and light blue which will give a cooling effect. In order to balance this you can use colors which may give warmth like yellow, light brown etc. Maintaining the color balance is important here. It will give an appealing look to your room.

 3. Flooring: In flooring, you can do two things. Either you can do tiling on floors in accordance with your walls and its texture or you can simply go for carpets/rugs. There are wall to wall carpets which are comfortable as well as stylish too. If you want to have soft and comfortable flooring then carpets is the best choice! All you have to keep in mind is that the color of the carpet must be in contrast with the interiors. If the color of your room is white and light blue and the texture is smooth then what you can try is a red carpet which will balance the color and style of your interiors. You can look for plains as well as bold colored carpets and see what fits in your list.

 4. Proper lighting: in a well designed room proper lighting is important. There must be windows and lights too. Apart from having tube lights we can have decorative lamps. And one thing to keep in mind is that you can go and look for designer switches to blend it with the interiors. There are many top electrical switch brands which manufacture these switches and help you in your designing work. You can look out for other electrical appliances like fan which may come in different styles and designs.


 5. Furniture: You will for sure go to buy furniture for your drawing room that matches with the interior. There are companies which manufacture simple yet amazing furniture and you can check it out on internet. Always keep one thing in mind, don’t fill your room completely! It will make your room look filled up which may not look good. Try making your room look spacious. Use furniture which suits there, like you cannot place your wardrobe in the drawing room. Put right things at right places and make your room look beautifully designed.

 6. Accessorizing: Why not giving a new looks to your drawing room by accessorizing it with wall hanging and paintings? Choose paintings which reflect your taste. You can try things such as displaying those art works on plain walls or plain and simple wall hangings on designed or textured walls. It will show a mix and match of your creativity with their art work. Why not be as creative as them? Let your mind be as creative as it wants to and accessorize the room at your best!

 Now to sum up my article I will say that it doesn’t matter from where you get your inspiration for designing. You can get it from a magazine or from some hotel, someone’s house. What matters here is how well you can execute those ideas and let the interior designer inside you do the work. Be creative and be original. You will see that what you can design may not even think by someone else!

An electrical switch in an electronic device used to interrupt the flow of electrons. Switches are the binary devices so they can be either completely off or completely on or in other words we can say that a switch is an electronic device which is used to break or make the electronic circuit automatically or manually. There are many types of electric switches available in the market. The working principle of the switch depends on the ON / OFF mechanism.
Now in these days you can purchase electric switches online, without going to market just sitting at home. Even these switches are also available in different colors and styles which are more convenient with your home’s interior. One of the best websites of online electronic switches, cable, and wiring is www.simon.co.in you can go through this website. Here great range of switches is available. Switches are in different colors like golden, silver, orange, green and yellow etc. So, you can choose switches with your home’s interior and your choice.

Switches are basically of 4 types. The styling of these four categories does not have a great difference but they differ in functionalities.

Categories of switches are as follows:

  • · Single Pole
  • · Double Pole
  • · Three Way
  • · Four Way
  • · Multi location switch
  • · Dimmer switch

Single Pole : Single pole electrical switches also known as toggle switches. It controls just one circuit. Such type of switches has single input and single output. A single-pole switch turns a light on and off from one location. These are most common switches found in the home. And these are easy to operate.

Double Pole : Double Pole electric switches control to separate circuits. A double pole switch is like separate single-pole switches that are mechanically operated by the same lever, knob, or button. These are also very easy to handle.

Three Way switches : A three-way switch consists two brass screws, a green screw and a darker colored screw. Using three-way switches, light can be control from two different locations. The three-way switch does not have the toggle handle switched. That is because one position does not mean that is necessarily on or off. It depends on the position of another switch.

Four-way switch : when you are using four way switch then it is recommended to hire a professional because its installation is not easy. A four way switch has four terminals each with two pairs of travelers.

Multi-location switch : Multi location switch is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches which are used to control an electrical load from multiple locations. For example, this allows lighting in a hallway, stairwell or large room to be controlled from multiple locations.

Dimmer switch : Dimmer switches allows you to turn the light in several subtle shades.

Importance of electric switches is as follows:

  • · Electric switches are very important because all the equipment we are using is useless without a switch.
  • · Electric switches use to connect and break the flow of connectivity.
  • · Electronic switches are used to perform all logical functions.
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